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Rua Barão de Capanema,
348 Jardins – São Paulo – SP
CEP – 01411-010

+55 11 4327 6970


Experience the Unique Concept of Song Qi

Felipe Massa, Dudu Massa, Ruly Vieira, Riccardo Giraudi, and Rodolfo Tamborrino proudly unveil the prestigious Song Qi, establishing a new destination for Chinese cuisine’s aficionados. Stemming from Riccardo Giraudi’s visionary concept in Monte-Carlo, this culinary haven promises an authentic and refined experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

At Song Qi, patrons embark on a gastronomic odyssey filled with a diverse selection of dishes, each narrating its own tale of tradition, flavor, and innovation. From delicate steamed dim sum to woks, noodles and the famous Peking duck—a delicacy of limited availability due to its meticulous preparation—guests are treated to an unparalleled dining adventure.

Immerse Yourself in Song Qi's Elegant Design

Song Qi emerges as the latest beacon of Chinese and Asian gastronomy in São Paulo, a visionary creation by the esteemed architects Humbert & Poyet. Collaborating seamlessly, they’ve fashioned a refined  new setting, infusing the Brazilian culinary scece with a tropical aesthetic.

A striking feature lies in the meticulously crafted floor, adorned with around 20,000 precisely positioned marble fragments. Each piece contributes to the symphony of elegance that defines the space. Moreover, the bespoke furniture, from tables to chairs, has been meticulously tailored to suit the restaurant’s ambiance.

Every corner exudes an air of sophistication, adorned with intricate details and enveloped in a palette of opulent, dark hues. Together, these elements compose an atmosphere that indulges the senses and elevates the dining experience to unprecedented heights.

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    Rua Barão de Capanema, 348 Jardins - São Paulo - SP CEP - 01411-010